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Doctoral contracts from the PACA region

With the “Young Doctoral Student Employment” scheme, the Région Sud (South of France regional council) offers a research grant to doctoral thesis students, aiming to:

  • foster the promotion of research outcomes towards regional economic, social and cultural worlds
  • strengthen the international influence of the Région Sud and act in favor of the professional integration of doctoral students
  • contribute to supporting innovation in the economic fabric.

Doctorate grants from the Sud Provence-Alpes-Côte d´Azur (PACA) regional council

These doctoral scholarships are either fully funded by the Région Sud, or co-funded by companies, a socio-economic partner or a research organization.

The employment contract is a fixed-term contract of three years. Toulon University fulfills all the obligations of an employer towards the doctoral student.

Since 2009, the funding of these scholarships has been supported by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER).

Co-funded scholarship – Implementation of a collaborative contract with the partner:

The collaboration between the partner and the University of Toulon must be enacted through a two-party three-year partnership agreement which must be signed within 3 months after acceptance by the Région Sud. This agreement will specify the financial and technical terms of the collaboration.

The doctoral student carries out his research in the laboratory of the University of Toulon in order to ensure his scientific supervision. Part of his working time can be spent on the partner’s premises for a good performance of his research work.

The University’s Valorization Department is the contact person in this phase: