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Research ethics / Plagiarism

In compliance with article 3 of the decree on access to the doctorate, doctoral students must undergo a course in research ethics and scientific integrity, which includes training in the fight against plagiarism.

To fulfill its obligations, the doctoral college offers the following training courses:

  • Research ethics and scientific integrity (once a year face-to-face training):

Aim: Plagiarism, fabrication and falsification of data. Ethics of scientific publication. Good conduct guides and resources for doctoral students

Aim: raise awareness of the various issues associated with scientific integrity and promote a critical approach by proposing the basic elements necessary to understand and carry the requirements of scientific integrity.

Aim: know and understand the deontological and ethical issues of science. Reflect on the contemporary transformations and implications of research.

  •  Security and data protection awareness (once a year face-to-face training):

Aim: make doctoral students aware of the issues of the security of the Information System and the protection of personal and research data (RGPD General Data Protection Regulation). Explain how the researcher is involved in the collection, recording, processing, storage, archiving, communication, transfer and interconnection of personal data.
Present the right habits to adopt in terms of data security and data protection.

Aim: discover or better understand the RGPD (key concepts, principles of data protection, responsibilities of players…)

  •  BU (University Library) courses: Awareness of copyright and plagiarism (once a year face-to-face training):

Aim: Take stock of Compilatio, the anti-plagiarism software offered at UTLN. Provide concrete answers to the legal questions faced by the researcher as a user and creator of intellectual work (texts, videos, photos, drawings, etc.): what are the obligations that must be respected? What are the rights of the researchers over their own creations?

An anti-plagiarism software is available to doctoral students and teacher-researchers at the University of Toulon. For more information, contact Virginie Donier, anti-plagiarism referent for doctoral schools.