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List of doctoral courses

Timetables are available for ED509 and ED509.

The training feedback form can be found here.
It is important to take the necessary time to fill up this assessment form at the end of each course:

  • if your review is anonymous, it should be transmitted in a sealed envelope to your ED office
  • otherwise by email to the executive assistant of your ED

The doctoral Program’s Regulations of the doctoral school 509 define the validation procedures of courses and activities attended to by doctoral students.

The doctorate is registered in the National Directory of Professional Skills (RNCP). You are advised to take the time to read the decree published in the Official Journal of March 6, 2019 to help you choose your courses; this decree defines common core skills for all doctors, regardless of their specialty.

You can find below the courses offered by the doctoral schools. They are briefly described in the tables, and a complete program is available. Not all courses are open every year.