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Thesis defense

The doctoral theses defenses are organized according to the provisions defined by the decree of May 25, 2016 relating to doctoral training and relating to the means of filing, reporting, reproduction, dissemination and storage of theses or works presented during a defense for the PhD, by the thesis charter of the Doctoral School.

Defense authorization

The authorization to defend a thesis is granted by the President of the university, after consulting with the director of the Doctoral School (ED), on the proposal of the thesis supervisor. Articles 17 to 18 of the decree of May 25, 2016, relating to doctoral training, define the conditions for the thesis defense.

Time interval before defense

The formalities of the defense require a mandatory period of three months between the submission of the proposal of the panel composition and the reviewers, and the date considered for the defense. This time interval is necessary for the appointment of the reviewers and the panel members, the reception of the reports and the decision to authorize the defense.

Defense in French

Since the thesis leads to the issuance of a French national degree, it is expected to be written and defended in French. Another language can be used in two situations:

  • In the case of an international joint supervision, the thesis is written and defended in the language specified by the international joint thesis supervision agreement pertaining to the doctoral student.
  • In the event that the subject dealt with requires, for specific reasons, the introduction into the thesis of a foreign language, the use of this language is then authorized by the Head of the university after consulting with the Doctoral School board. The application must be submitted in compliance with the conditions provided in the Thesis Charter no later than six months prior to the considered defense date.

Defended theses

Here you can find the theses defended at UTLN